14 December 2005


Question 1:
Why CAN'T we offend other people?

Question 2:
Why CAN'T we be honest with our personal opinions and let others know how silly they seem to us?

I've always wanted to shout DUMB ARSE or DUMB ASS to a number of people in my life. Now's probably the chance for me, so here's a list of some of the DUMB ARSES or DUMB ASSES in my life, yes, YOU, who may fall under the category of the:

1. People who feel they're so cool when in fact they make me wanna puke on them and then invite others to puke on them too. If only my puke were as smelly as their big fat egos...

2. People who love to conquer conversations among friends as if they're the Mr. or Mrs. Know-it-All of everything, when in fact, the contents that spill out of their mouths can be refuted or shot down very easily by a thing called "knowledge" and something else called "common sense", but they just don't know that coz other ppl don't have the heart to embarrass them. Tak sanggup je.

3. People who are so judgmental about other people's personal lives and makes it their life goal to sensationalize every detail of stories even they're not sure about, not realizing that the doubts they cast upon others could be casted even worse upon themselves, and that the details they spread around are so incorrect.

4. People who underestimate other people just because of the way they look or the language they talk, especially salespersons in shopping malls who refuse to entertain my questions about high-priced items just because I don't dress stylishly and I prefer to speak Bahasa Melayu. The treatment is usually different when I wear "work clothes" or when I speak English. You bloody twits with double standards, you!

5. People who look down upon those who are silent, quiet and not very glamourous. Come on, lah! You think they're ugly ducklings coz you just don't know their worth. (OK, this one's in defense of some very smart, sensible yet "silent" people I know.)

6. People who don't keep their promises (or at least inform me when they couldn't be able to keep their promises) and then come up with lies and excuses to cover their business's arse, as if I wouldn't know or find out that they're lying.

7. People who like to generalize issues, for example, a person who labels anything Western (or Non-Western, depending on where the person doesn't come from) as "uncivilized", or a person who blames either Christians, Muslims, Communists or Jews for EVERY problem in the world, or a person who thinks the opposite sex must surely be this and that..

OK, 7 categories should be enough for the time being.