26 September 2007

The Defensive John Lemon

"..I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.." [John Lennon]

"Though a person may not achieve much by dreaming, at least that's how he may know he has reached puberty.." [John Lemon]

OK, OK.. so John Lemon changed some parts of his sentence since the last time he wrote a comment in this blog. Those changes were only for the purpose of making certain words more consistent and making the sentence less generalizing. After all, John Lemon hates people who generalize or stereotype other people. He thinks it's just not fair.. and there's already too little fairness in the world.

In fact, John Lemon knows that his current sentence above STILL doesn't sound fair, because it uses "he" instead of "she/he".. but WAIT, John Lemon has an explanation.. He says, the reason is, he doesn't know anything about female adolescent dreams. He has only experienced male adolescent dreams.

Fine. John Lemon can be very defensive sometimes. That's fair enough...

P/S: John Lemon acknowledges that dreaming can make a person achieve many things.. but he threw away his dream a very long time ago so he's just trying to be negatively sarcastic but positively symbolic all at the same time.. oh boy..