19 April 2006

Welcome to SDARIANS.blogspot.com!!!

This introduction message was copy-pasted from another old blog of mine, "Nostalgia: SDAR" (I have shut down that blog). The comments for this blog post were also copy-pasted from that blog.

: Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak (Dato' Abdul Razak School), named after the second Prime Minister of Malaysia while he was still the Deputy Prime Minister
: inhabitant of SDAR
: plural of SDARian

I admit..

On the one hand, opening up a blog like this as a "nostalgia" data-bank for SDARians does sound kinda self-glorifying, corny and "poyo", because I do feel that the more we unwittingly create exclusivity among people in a society (or of the world), the further we trap ourselves into little boxes of narrow-minded pride..


On the other hand, life as a teenager in one of the oldest yet least-known all-boys fully-residential smart-schools in Malaysia (so-called "premier category SBP") has somehow taught my friends and I a lot of lessons in life (whether for better or for worse) and I think it's only fair to gather some of the memories here..

In this collective blog, I hope we can reminisce our adventures and mis-adventures, what we meant by our friendship & team spirit, our cheer songs, etc...