14 February 2008

Some Poems by a Teenager: Introduction

It has been almost two years since I posted "Poems of a School Boy" in this blog. I said to myself that I would post more of those poems written & published during my teenage years, especially after the kind & encouraging request from Ms Azura.. but then, my old poems disk couldn't be accessed and I was too LAZY to retype those poems.. That was almost two years ago, of course..

Recently, however, I was slapped by a string of incidents that happened within a short period of time:
i) a call from a writers group to compile published poems (a different group this time);
ii) a call from a magazine editor to write about my past involvement in literature;
iii) comments by Dr Rem in this blog & my "Memories of SDAR" blog (about creative writing);
iv) a comment by Ms Hana in "The Naked Climatologist" blog (about my old poems);
v) a message from Bro Shahrizan in Friendster (about my 'lunatic' poems);
vi) a comment by Mr Leslie Chan in "The Storyteller" blog (about literature); and
vii) a dream I had about dying and not being able to post my old poems in here.

There you go. Seven incidents. Well, thanks to God and the guys above, I've finally STARTED to retype the poems! Yipppeee!!! **Syok sendiri** OK, while I take my own sweet time to finish retyping them, let me provide a list of the published ones.. Poem titles are in RED while publication titles are in BLUE.


In Dewan Siswa (monthly magazine)
6 poems:
- Terjajah (Di Mana Bumi Kupijak)
- Racun - also compiled in the anthology "Suatu Impian"
- Malang?! - also compiled in the anthology "Perjuangan"
- Penghujung Bulatan
- Gah - also compiled in the anthology "Harapan di Joyrampur"
- Menara - also compiled in the anthology "Perjalanan Jarum Jam"

In Minda Pelajar (it used to be a bi-weekly newspaper)
2 poems:
- Nasib Ayam
- Sekeping Sijil Penentu?

In Harian Metro (newspaper)
1 verse:
- Ungkapan Merdeka

In Berita Harian (mainstream newspaper)
1 poem:
- Budi Judi?

In Berita Minggu (mainstream newspaper)
1 poem:
- Dia Mengaku Dirinya Patriotik - also published in a SASBADI workbook & an SPM Trial Exams paper (in a certain state)

In Mingguan Malaysia (mainstream newspaper)
1 poem:
- Rupa-Rupanya Berpura-Pura

In KataHati (anthology)
4 poems:
- Model
- Kerana Mereka Bukan Marhaen

- Antara "Jangka Masa Panjang" dengan "Jangka Masa Lebih Panjang"

- Muara Selut

Err.. that's about it.. OK OK I admit it's not much.. but still.. retyping is boring work.. and I'm particular about getting the original line margins or line patterns for my poems.. so I deserve to be excited for being able to START retyping.. Hmm.. apart from retyping, I must also decide how I'm going to post the poems.

For each future blog post, shall I post the poems one-by-one, two-by-two, three-by-three, publication-based or altogether in one go? **Yawn** I'm sleepy. Will decide later.