30 August 2006

"Common Errs" of Not Just Commoners (2006)

Look here... 31 August 1957 is NOT “Malaysia’s Birthday”. "Malaysia" did not even exist yet on that date! The media & advertising companies can be quite ignorant when it comes to the nation’s history.. but then again, even our history text books seem to please a certain propaganda.

31 August 1957 was the date the Tunku proclaimed
the independence of MALAYA. It was NOT the birthday of MALAYSIA. Malaysia’s birthday was about 6 years later, on 16 September 1963.

Ever since my school years, I just get disturbed whenever I come across these little things (just another disturbed child I suppose). Another example is how we love to spell & pronounce the word “
DEFINASI” instead of “DEFINISI”. Even in English it should be DEFIN-I-TION and not DEFIN-A-TION. [Also remember = Definite, Definitely.]

How about the misuse of “It’s mean” that we introduced to the world of modern English?

Sentence example: “I love Earth. It’s mean, I love my planet.”

Guys, this is wrong! I mean, it's good to love the planet but.. “IT’S MEAN” (“ia kejam”) is not what you mean in this context. What you should say is “IT MEANS” (“ia bermakna”). Please note that the “S” sound comes after the MEAN.

Then, the common confusion regarding the “Malay” words
FAKTA (fact) and FAKTOR (factor). Many people including national leaders tend to mix these words up. They have different meanings lah.. Yes, I know we all make mistakes and that “to err is human”.. but it’s also human to help point out what could be corrected and improved.. so I’m just being human lah kan...

Well, guys, tomorrow’s the 31st.. so Happy Merdeka ("National Day of Malaysia" is probably the best description).. and may we find our own meaning of freedom & independence..